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Article: Transparency in Fashion: The Force Behind Authentic Forever Luxury

Transparency in Fashion: The Force Behind Authentic Forever Luxury

Transparency in Fashion: The Force Behind Authentic Forever Luxury

Transparency in Fashion
Transparency in fashion is the practice of openly communicating every aspect of your brand, from process and employees to mishaps and successes. While transparency often needs to be taught, it has always come naturally to me. Fortunately, this worked out in my favor, as I discovered that when brands are transparent, consumers are more willing to trust, support, and resonate with them.

We strive to raise standards regarding ethical practices across the industry, resulting in a responsible brand that values trust and quality. In this way, PORSCIA YEGANEH® is not only revolutionizing fashion; we are revolutionizing the force behind the fashion.

Transparency Creates a Positive Work Environment
I aim to maintain open communication with my customers, manufacturers, and employees. This approach allows me and my team to put forth truly remarkable pieces that define PORSCIA YEGANEH®. Most importantly, I am able to create a positive work environment where every team member thrives, allowing them to wield their talents without concerns or limitations.

For example, before anyone joins the PORSCIA YEGANEH® team, I emphasize the importance of transparency within my brand, from concept to completion. I clearly state my principles and expect my employees to follow the same guidelines when performing their responsibilities. Not only does this protect the integrity of the brand, but it also prevents any issues from arising in the future. By setting clear, reasonable expectations, we can create a united team with one goal in mind: to create true masterpieces.

Though the brand bears my name, it takes a collaborative effort to succeed. I am proud of the team I have assembled, as each member plays an integral role in the success of PORSCIA YEGANEH®. Together, we create excellence, generating sales and life-long friendships that flourish even beyond just fashion. I trust their expertise and, in turn, they trust my leadership, which strengthens everyone to adhere to our promise of creating Forever Luxury pieces for consumers with high standards and regal style.

Transparency Creates Self Expression
Be yourself. Knowing who you are and owning your mistakes is critical to finding success in the industry. I’ve had failures along the way, but my strong sense of self kept me grounded, encouraging me to learn from them rather than escape them.

Even as a young girl, I was confident in my ability to be my most authentic self without inhibitions, wearing my own creations to school with pride. While my classmates preferred to follow the trends, I remained true to myself and my unique fashion sense. I never attempted to impersonate anyone or adopt an appearance to please others. As a result, I have gained respect from those around me, which helped me build a brand I am proud to call not just mine but ours.

This outlook followed me throughout my time as a teenager, young adult, and now, a self-made head of a major female-led fashion house that is surpassing boundaries to create Forever Luxury. However, my battle with identity took a literal turn when I had to fight for the right to use my legal name for my fashion brand in 2009. In hindsight, my unwillingness to accept defeat symbolized my need for complete transparency. Because for me and my team, it is not just a name; rather, PORSCIA YEGANEH® represents everything we believe in and what we strive to create.

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