Rising above other designers’ initiatives, one the most authentic, creative  brands in the spacePORSCIA YEGANEH® creates handcarved three-dimensional metallic metal accents that gleam from every angle. The intricate accent has become known as the brand’s #3DForeverLogo.  Built to last and stay relevant through changing trends—like the Roman Colosseum which inspired the current collection—the logo is styled with double Ps.


PORSCIA YEGANEH® is the founder of the 3D Forever Logo and the first brand ever to apply featherweight three-dimensional logos on leather-goods.
Metal accents and intricately crafted motifs are highly personalized, precious details that require individual production and hand carving. This is an unprecedented introduction of the technique in the luxury fashion industry, as it foregoes the use of a standard mold and brings a completely different dimension to an accessory’s texture and luster.

By recreating in 3D the company’s Forever Logo PORSCIA YEGANEH® elevates the Royalty Collection through the gleam of exquisite pieces of art. Emblems of timeless elegance, all of the 3D Forever Logo hardware details are finely detailed metalworks which have been individually handcarved by the brand’s loyal artisans into an interlocking P motif: the Forever Logo is based on the shape of number 8, a symbol holding a strong cultural connotation and a sign that, according to Chinese tradition, represents luck, good fortune and prosperity. 


Appealing to customers who want a Forever Luxury experience, not just a brand name product, the logo is about a decorative, artistic accent rather than the marking of a designer label in an oversaturated fashion space populated by showy label signatures. 

As public awareness of the negative impact of mass production rises, Porscia Yeganeh® recognizes the importance of sustainable fashion and demands strict adherence to social, environmental, and quality standards from suppliers. The brand understands the needs of Boss ladies who appreciate fashion and trends but prioritize their unique sense of style.

3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing with its sustainability advantages. It allows for the design and printing of complex structures without restrictions and eliminates the need for excessive inventory storage with print-on-demand capabilities. The environmentally friendly approach minimizes material waste by using only what's necessary for each part and reduces material costs while improving fuel efficiency. By paving the way for a sustainable future, 3D printing is transforming the industry. 

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