PORSCIA YEGANEH® bags are made from top grain leather that softens and improves with gentle wear. Our All Made in Italy leather goods are assembled by skilled artisans with an individualized approach to craftsmanship and an attention to quality and detail.

PORSCIA YEGANEH® 3D logos and hardware are welded from brass dipped in a special plating that coats the metal for resistance to scratches and tarnishing. As the first brand to produce 3D logos, we are proud to introduce a feature that’s unique to our label. Crafted without the use of a standard mold, the individually refined 3D hardware details are an asset that confers our leather goods the status of authentic Forever Luxury designs.

Care for your purchase and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful, timeless style that will increase in value over time. To keep your handbag and other leather good in tiptop shape, we advise you to follow these instructions:

Keep it safe when not in use. Care for your bag even when it is not in use. Store it inside the provided dust bag and keep it in a cool, dry and safe place.

Protect it from harsh weather conditions. Leather is sensitive and can be altered, damaged or stained by excessive sunlight, moisture, extreme heat or dryness. Don’t expose it to bright light or direct heat. If the leather gets wet, immediately pat dry with a non-abrasive cloth. 

Be cautious of interactions with other materials. Take care around solids and liquids that can stain leather, including ink, oils, makeup, fragrance, food and beverages. Dye transfer can also occur when a light colored leather is pressed against a darker material or another dyed product. Take caution to avoid situations that may cause irreversible color damage.

Do not use branded cleaning products on your PORSCIA YEGANEH® purchase. For any concerns, contact our Customer Care team.