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Article: Luxury Redefined: Blockchain's Role in PORSCIA YEGANEH® Authenticity

Luxury Redefined: Blockchain's Role in PORSCIA YEGANEH® Authenticity

Luxury Redefined: Blockchain's Role in PORSCIA YEGANEH® Authenticity

Future of Forever Luxury2020 is a time of radical change in the luxury industry and we are proud to lead the way as the first-ever brand to claim an “All MADE IN ITALY” Label.
Transparency and authenticity have always been the driving force behind PORSCIA YEGANEH®. Now, we further reinforce our commitment to our values-driven sensibility through the use of blockchain technology. We decided to use blockchain and that is to prevent counterfeiters and to prove the brands 100% made in Italy sustainability.
All Made in Italy blockchain
This paradigm shift is critical to building trust when delivering Forever Luxury products—and customers are starting to hold brands accountable.
We are already aware that PORSCIA YEGANEH®  handbags are are next to impossible to replicate due to being crafted by hand with immense attention to detail. However, as we move into the future with cryptocurrency and metaverse, we can also showcase that our designer handbags were crafted ethically in Italy by skillful artisans who are masters at using ancient techniques by hand to create that special trapeze silhouette. These craftsmen are cherished for their work and get compensated fairly - that’s a fact.
This is also proven by our All MADE IN ITALY certification that requires passing checks on the production cycle, as well as meeting parameters required by Italian legislation.
forever luxury bag - All MADE IN ITALY with 3D hardware in Rose Gold
While almost every brand agrees that creating transparency in their supply chains is extremely important, however, only a handful of them can actually achieve that. Before we draw up a contract with a new supplier, I inform them that we cannot compromise on transparency. It is, after all, what makes PORSCIA YEGANEH® a pioneer in the luxury handbag industry. Implementing web3 technologies was the next logical step to take to ensure complete transparency through the sourcing and manufacturing chain.
Consider Blockchain as a new-age, digital diary; an online public ledger that creates a permanent and accessible record of every stage of the supply chain. In there, you can store an array of time-stamped information for each and every transaction that happens in the network using encryption. Each block comes with a unique ID for recognition purposes. 
.With Blockchain, it is impossible to manipulate the results. This way transparency on all data points is insured. This includes certifications, ethical work environments, fair wages, raw materials, sourcing, and more. 
. QR
By using Blockchain technology to tag each luxury item with a unique QR Code, at PORSCIA YEGANEH® we can mitigate counterfeit risks by digitally tracking products and the entire supply chain long after they've been manufactured. So in a nutshell, through this innovative process, full details are freely displayed to the public from the origin of our materials up to the sale point.
QR all made in Italy
After all, when you have absolutely nothing to hide, why not take the extra steps to prove it?

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