My story begins not only with a passion for fashion but also with a passion for self-expression.

Growing up, I never found myself falling for the allure of exorbitant price tags many high-end designers attached to their work. Likewise, I never shared the desire to blend into a crowd with fashion that mimicked everyone else’s, making it impossible to distinguish between two individuals. In fact, in grade school, my classmates anointed me “Miss Fashion Queen,” as I was known for repurposing my regular clothes into something utterly different that reflected my personal style. Fashion shows were also something I never enjoyed attending. As I watched the beautiful models strut the runway and the spectators’ awe-inspired expressions, I thought to myself, “You are cheating yourself if you follow trends like all others.”

As a result of outside-the-box thinking, I sensed a need to rebel against mainstream fashion and made it my mission since the outset of my brand (perhaps even before then) to make a difference.


The philosophy I developed in my youth eventually led to my venture into forever luxury, which remains the guiding principle of my work today. I believe unique and original designs are the true indicator of value, which is why my team of talented artisans and I carefully craft each piece with dedicated attention to detail, presenting a distinctive collection unlike any other. The magic unfolds entirely in Italy, to meet strict requirements aligned to social, environmental, and qualitative standards. My unparalleled designs aim to empower every woman to express her most authentic self.


 As a self-made, well-traveled, multilingual lady, I value the merit of hard work. Defined by long-lasting designs and state-of-the-art craftsmanship, today my brand has blossomed into an extension of myself and my values. I aim to inspire fashion enthusiasts to reclaim their style, regardless of how it compares to their counterparts or fleeting trends.

Bringing luxury fashion to you is a privilege I never take for granted; I’m forever grateful to fulfill my purpose of redefining the fashion industry by incorporating original pieces that age as gracefully as Italian wine, allowing you to preserve them for generations. 

ANNIA luxury tote handbag All MADE IN ITALY

“Everyone wants the chance to own something their friends can’t compete with, an ultra-high Italian leather bag that’s not easily attainable but not completely out of reach!” 

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