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Even the word itself drips of opulence and exclusivity - an experience only a select few have the privilege of accessing. When you think of luxury designers, you likely recall the megabrands that have been in the industry for decades. These household names have gained a cult following of affluent consumers. Their collections make their way down the runway, into fashion magazines, and onto the arms of their loyal fans.

This exposure initially appears to be favorable; however, upon further inspection, it becomes evident: many of the designs are identical, maintaining the same styles that earned them their reputations years ago. Soon enough, every fashion enthusiast’s closet will look very similar.
Porscia Yeganeh aims to reverse this trend by revolutionizing the fashion industry and redefining the meaning of luxury with unprecedented designs, hardware, and craftsmanship of leather goods. Unlike traditional luxury designers, Porscia Yeganeh strays from convention and explores the opposite, enabling the brand to coin the term “Forever Luxury.”

What is Forever Luxury?
Simply put, Forever Luxury features original designs unlike any other that will remain timeless today and beyond. Earning this title was not an easy feat, requiring extensive research, long hours, and an unfailing passion for the craft. Fortunately, the team at Porscia Yeganeh was up for the challenge - and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

AELIA_ Luxury Mini backpack All MADE IN ITALY

An exclusive Forever Luxury brand, Porscia Yeganeh® achieves excellence by rethinking the concept of luxury. Their process favors quality over quantity, making it possible for meticulous artisanal expertise to meet cultured design.
One of their most distinctive features is the creation of featherweight 3-Dimension hardware on handbags, belts, and wallets - a feat never accomplished until now. However, the revolution doesn’t stop there. This brand carries “luxury” to new heights with production executed solely in Italy, premium dual-purpose packaging, and lifetime warranty, making them the first luxury brand to offer Forever Warranty for one generation.3D Forever logo hardware in handbags All MADE IN ITALY
For ladies who want the luxury experience without the fuss of carrying a certain name, you’re in the right place. Porscia Yeganeh® has the perfect accessory to enhance your style and wardrobe, forever changing how you approach fashion.
Continue reading to discover more about what makes Porscia Yeganeh® a major fashion house you need to look out for.

Unprecedented Designs
Perhaps the most apparent characteristic of forever luxury is the unprecedented designs. Unlike other designers, Porscia Yeganeh never relies on trends when developing their products. Instead, they seek inspiration elsewhere, effortlessly blending elements of Italian heritage and ancient architecture.

Roman Colosseum broken wallsBy envisioning the architectural broken walls of the #ROMANCOLOSSEUM in the designs, PORSCIA YEGANEH® creates luxury pieces of wearable history - a heritage, a legacy, an icon. From it's instantly recognisable tiered quilting that resemble the amphitheater’s fractured walls to their unique trapezoidal silhouette, Porscia Yeganeh expertly straddles the line between the past and future, creating a present that is uniquely their own.

Made in Italy - All MADE IN ITALY
This label is highly sought after - and for good reason. #AllMADEINITALY indicates an assurance that all products are produced from start to finish stitch in Italy using Italian materials. In order to maintain this label and guarantee the veracity of this claim, the company must meet various requirements established by Italian legislation. This motivates Porscia Yeganeh to evolve and experiment with designs, production, and materials. So, when you see the “All MADE IN ITALY” label on a product, you know it boasts authentic luxury built to last a lifetime.

All MADE IN ITALY promise

Sustainable Practices
What good is luxury if it isn’t sustainable? Porscia Yenageh recognizes the significance of this sentiment and strives to incorporate eco-friendly and ethical methods in the production of their items. As a result, each Royalty Collection is mindfully crafted to the highest standards in an effort to reduce waste and their carbon footprint.


The aforementioned characteristics just skim the surface of the company’s commitment to creating Forever Luxury that is accessible to every woman who desires an authentic luxury experience, meaning an admiration for high-quality products rather than a specific name. Porscia Yeganeh® makes it possible to flaunt #fashion on your own terms, giving you the artistic autonomy you deserve.


Already gaining traction due to their penchant for innovation and passion for the craft,  Porscia Yeganeh® bridges the gap between ancient culture and modern wear, creating legendary #Forever Luxury.

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