By envisioning the architectural broken walls of the Roman Colosseum and the Persian embroidery in the designs, PORSCIA YEGANEH® creates Forever Luxury pieces of wearable history – a heritage, a legacy, an icon we can wear.

Iran, Turkey, Greece, Canada and Italy: joined by the beauty of their architectural heritage, these are the countries that Porscia Yeganeh calls home. Cradles of artistry and creative inheritance, they are all linked by the ancient wisdom they carry within their culture, a legacy that extends over lifestyle, the arts, customs and traditions.
Through her plural background, extensive travels and cosmopolitan life experience, Porscia Yeganeh has created a niche brand with a global outlook through an exceptionally high quality production process where Iranian design and Italian know-how meet. The All MADE IN ITALY label is the ultimate certification of quality and authenticity for timeless pieces.
An interplay between architecture and femininity, opulence and sheer elegance, PORSCIA YEGANEH® introduces unique designs that are both luxurious and independent from trending or ephemeral aesthetics.  
History is an endless source of inspiration. Referencing the past through design creates a unique connection between our increasingly global, unbound sense of culture and the celebration of a worldwide heritage we share and that makes us thrive. Building the future means acknowledging the past and envisioning new possibilities by understanding its inestimable worth.
By envisioning the architectural broken walls of the #ROMANCOLOSSEUM in the designs, PORSCIA YEGANEH@ creates luxury pieces of wearable history-a heritage, a legacy, an icon. From it's instantly recognisable tiered quilting that resemble the amphitheater's fractured walls to their unique trapezoidal silhouette, Porscia Yeganeh expertly straddles the line between the past and future, creating a present that is uniquely their own.
PORSCIA YEGANEH®’s international appeal has its roots in the rich cultural heritage of Iran, Turkey, Greece and Italy. The first encounter with the broken walls of the Colosseum in Rome was the revelation that moved Porscia Yeganeh’s creative intuition, bringing her back in time to the mysterious expertise behind the craftsmanship of a majestic era. The instantly recognizable landmark that is the Colosseum is a recurring visual element throughout PORSCIA YEGANEH® collections thanks to its cultural and historical value. 
Persian rug embroidery
Famous wonders of the world are not the only source of inspiration. PORSCIA YEGANEH takes inspiration from 19th-century Middle Eastern Persian rugs, embracing their intricate designs and distinct beauty by applying their unique touch. This masterful process is evident in the Forever logo-chain embroidery at the footer of the handbags. By rethinking the concept of luxury and believing in a creative process that favors unparalleled craftsmanship, authenticity, patriotism, and sustainability, where meticulous artisanal expertise meets cultured designs.