By envisioning the unprecedented blend of Iranian Artisanship and Italian Craftsmanship, PORSCIA YEGANEH® crafts wearable heirlooms that embody Forever Luxury– a heritage, a legacy, an icon we can wear.

Iran, Turkey, Greece, Canada and Italy: joined by the beauty of their architectural heritage, these are the countries that Porscia Yeganeh calls home. Cradles of artistry and creative inheritance, they are all linked by the ancient wisdom they carry within their culture, a legacy that extends over lifestyle, the arts, customs and traditions.
Drawing on her diverse background, worldly travels, and cosmopolitan experiences, Porscia Yeganeh has created a niche brand with a global perspective. This harmonious blend, incorporating Iranian design nuances with Italian expertise, produces exceptional quality underpinned by the 'All MADE IN ITALY' assurance. The hallmark of unparalleled quality and timeless elegance, each piece becomes a #CarryThePastBuildTheFuture cultural symphony.

Rising above the fleeting allure of fast fashion, the designs achieve a sophisticated balance between architectural opulence and enduring femininity. Far more than mere accessories, these pieces are lifelong investments in luxury that appreciate over time, encapsulating the eternal elegance of the architectural masterpieces that inspire them. 


An endless fountain of inspiration, history bridges our increasingly global culture with a worldwide heritage that enriches and unites us. Acknowledging the past while envisioning the future, each piece becomes a part of an inestimable legacy that thrives through time.

ANNIA luxury Tote- All MADE IN ITALY

Capturing the silhouette of the Roman Colosseum's fragmented walls through distinct tiered quilting, these are not just accessories. They are wearable archives, representing a new form of cultural and historical brand recognition unprecedented in the world of luxury. Each piece serves as a tactile link between past and future, setting a new standard in luxury.


Inspired by the rich tapestry of 19th-century Middle Eastern Persian rugs, the designs echo intricate patterns and unparalleled beauty. Visible in the Forever logo-chain embroidery at the footer of each handbag, they transcend mere accessories to become statements in luxurious craftsmanship, exuding authenticity, sustainability, and cultural richness.

Persian rug embroidery

Our leather goods are a cultural synthesis, fusing the architectural echoes of Rome's Colosseum with the intricate artistry of 19th-century Persian rugs. The confluence of distinct tiered quilting and the Forever logo-chain embroidery crafts a narrative where meticulous Italian craftsmanship meets Iranian artisanal heritage, creating a timeless cultural symbol.


In this story, we have distilled the essence of two worlds to articulate a brand narrative that is as diverse as it is unified, creating luxury that transcends borders and generations. This is the PORSCIA YEGANEH brand—a journey where East meets West, and where cultural legacies are #CarryThePastBuildTheFuture.