Classic styles seen through a contemporary filter.

A wink to the past facing towards a future of sophistication and elegance. PORSCIA YEGANEH® presents meticulously crafted Italian leather goods: unique designs inspired by the splendor and opulence of ancient Italian architecture, a rich source of ancient wisdom, cultural identity and creative inspiration. The captivating sight of the broken walls of the Colosseum, Rome’s most iconic monument, led it to become Porscia Yeganeh’s muse and trademark.

PORSCIA YEGANEH® speaks to a real, independent connoisseur who is aware of trends but aims to establish her own personal style, a self-reliant lady who recognizes the excellence of a niche product and loves to defy convention. The collection is for the lady who asks for the highest quality and appreciates the label’s commitment to excellence in each stage of production, from the sourcing of materials to the techniques involved in the crafting process.