PORSCIA YEGANEH® Shaking up the Fashion Industry

 The Business Influencer - PORSCIA YEGANEH® shaking up the fashion industry.

Born in Iran and today a global citizen who lived in Greece, Turkey.

Yeganeh is the multicultural mogul behind the eponymous fashion brand.Inspired by architecture and imbued with femininity, opulence and elegance, PORSCIA YEGANEH® unique, trend-resistant leather goods set a new standard of excellence. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the trailblazing designer andl earning about the All MADE IN ITALY label and what makes her tick.

Born in Iran and today a global citizen who lived in Greece, Turkey.You have said you don’t particularly like the fashion industry and your education was not geared towards this industry – what then attracted you to fashion design?
‘I have never been a fan of the fashion industry because I find it to be superficial. This has only become more pronounced with social media. People get dressed up just for media attention and internet “likes.” It made it challenging for me to connect to the industry and people. My passion is in designing for tastemakers and visionary ladies–not trend-followers. I’ve also never enjoyed fashion shows. There was always a voice in my head saying, “You are cheating yourself if you follow trends just because everyone else does.”

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