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Article: Crushing the Fast Fashion with “Forever Luxury”

Crushing the Fast Fashion with “Forever Luxury”

Crushing the Fast Fashion with “Forever Luxury”

Crushing the Fast Fashion with “Forever Luxury”, A Founder’s Story with Porscia Yeganeh
MY JOURNEY – A lady who is aware of trends but aims to establish her own personal style.
MY VISION– My story begins not only with a passion for fashion but also with a passion for self-expression.
MY BRAND – Born to last through decades of ever-changing trends, PORSCIA YEGANEH® bridges the gap between ancient culture and modern wear for legendary Forever Luxury.
Tell us about your childhood and where you grew up? 
My journey to becoming a self-made, well-traveled Iranian woman led me to various places, including the Middle East, Turkey, Greece, Canada, and Italy – one of the world’s most esteemed fashion capitals. As I reflect on my travels, I realized each place influenced my sensibility and style, contributing to the woman I am today. On my 7th birthday, my mother gifted me a mini sewing machine, which I used to make clothing out of pillowcases for my Barbie doll collection using an inside-out hand-stitching method, known today as “topstitching.” This led to a full-blown passion for creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind things that matched my personal taste and allowed me to express myself. In fact, my surname translates to unique in Farsi, as if my unconventional thinking was pre-determined. In 2002, I accepted an offer to debut my collection at the first Vancouver Fashion Week and was met with unimaginable praise. The following year, I showcased another collection featuring several garments I had created as a teen, which in 2003 was deemed “one of the top fashion designers to watch out for in Canada.” I later earned my first buying request from a leading department chain store, The Hudson’s Bay Company. Additionally, my collections were worn by models at the Miss Universe Pageants in 2007, 2008 and Miss Canada in 2015. Actress Agam Darshi wore my designs on the red carpet on multiple occasions as well. In 2009, an unauthorized hard copy of my biography was published and sold on Amazon.

How did you get started as an entrepreneur? 
Thinking outside of the box was ironically the standard for me. My independent disposition prompted me to resist what I was taught in school, as I felt it promoted only certain ways of thinking. For as long as I can remember, I rejected fashion trends, resolving to create my distinctive fashion sense and #bedifferent, which influenced my entrepreneurial tendencies. As I got older, I realized how artificial the fashion industry could be, everyone claiming to be someone they aren’t. So, unwilling to fall into the same trend, I decided to make my own imprint in the industry by launching a remarkable luxury fashion brand with distinct designs and impeccable craftsmanship. I devoted myself to learning the ins and outs of managing a business while remaining true to my principles and aimed to create something unlike anything else. As PORSCIA YEGANEH® grew, it was evident destiny had a special place for me that couldn’t be dismissed. After demand for my pieces grew, I was encouraged to formally enter the luxury fashion market by moving its operation to Italy – one of the leading countries in fashion and design. 

What is one business lesson you would tell a startup founder? 
Remember, passion over proceeds. Finding your passion is a must. Listen to your inner voice, that calling, as Jeff Bezos calls it. It is your messenger, prompting you to fulfill your purpose. That same voice inspired me to refrain from following mainstream media and adopt my own sophisticated sense of style simply by embracing my most authentic self. Growing up, I was told by others in the industry that I needed to follow the trends if I wanted to succeed. However, I trusted my instincts instead and forged my own path through unprecedented designs and innovative methods that yield Forever Luxury pieces. If not for that, I likely would not be where I am today. While wanting to be incredibly successful is natural, passion is the true motivator, as it will be the only thing that keeps you afloat, even though the many trials you’ll face as a business owner. If you follow your passion and devote yourself to your craft, you will be rewarded.


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