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Article: Rethinking Luxury. Forever Quality. All MADE IN ITALY

Rethinking Luxury. Forever Quality. All MADE IN ITALY

Rethinking Luxury. Forever Quality. All MADE IN ITALY

Exploring The Value of Today's Luxury:

Rethinking Luxury. Forever Quality. All MADE IN ITALY

Luxury fashion brands have long held sway in the industry, known for their exclusivity and astute marketing strategies. The practice of joining waitlists for highly sought-after handbags has become somewhat of a norm among discerning shoppers. This inevitably prompts an intriguing query: how do we truly measure the value of luxury?

It takes more than simply attaching an exorbitant price tag to a brand's name. Instead, it relies on a variety of factors, all of which are integral to shaping consumers’ attitudes toward a specific brand and buying into what makes it special.  So, continue reading to learn more about what to consider when shopping high-end fashion - and which brand is doing it properly by differentiating itself from the standard definition of luxury.    

Exploring the Value of Todays Luxury

Once upon a time, luxury goods were defined as expensive, limited products difficult to procure, creating the link that bonds luxury to rarity.  Today, the true meaning of luxury has been drastically altered, so that it is nearly unrecognizable. The market is saturated with designs that appear similar, leaving luxury shoppers with limited options that are original and timeless, able to withstand ever-evolving trends. As a result, individuality is virtually forgotten. 

However, more recently, many “luxury fashion” brands have managed to get by without all or any of those traits, producing uninspired, easily imitated designs and craftsmanship, making them vulnerable to counterfeiters. tated designs and craftsmanship, making them vulnerable to counterfeiters. 


Luxury Created Unsustainability

Nowadays, ephemeral luxury brands have become mainstream, ultimately impacting their exclusivity. As a result, everyone winds up wearing the same designs, whether real or fake, the difference only perceptible to a trained eye.   

Additionally, the fashion industry has not been the most friendly ally to the environment due to its unsustainable practices. Fast fashion and seasonal trends encourage mass production, which pollutes oceans and exploits unpaid workers as brands create more seasonless staples. 


How one Brand is Reinventing Luxury. Rethinking Luxury

PORSCIA YEGANEH® was founded at a unique moment in time, born through decades of fleeting trends. As a self-made fashion designer, Porscia Yeganeh, was no stranger to innovation. To #bedifferent was an innate desire that fueled her creativity and prevented her from blending in.  

After recognizing a lack of timeless designs and craftsmanship, she made it her purpose to rediscover authentic luxury goods with unprecedented embellishments, making the luxury sector entirely her own. She called it #ForeverLuxury and created an unprecedented manufacturing label that read #AllMADEINITALY. It indicated an elevated set of standards in craftsmanship and design, using hand-carved hardware with a cultural distinction to differentiate from any upcoming benchmarks and secure a pioneering status - creating pieces that honor the past yet represent a bright future. #CarrythePastBuildTheFuture 

Forever Luxury Promoted Sustainability

Dedicated to reducing the fashion industry's environmental impact, our brand sets the standard for a sustainable future. Adhering to the strict guidelines of the #AllMADEINITALY label, PORSCIA YEGANEH® delivers the pinnacle of quality with minimal environmental toll, offering our discerning customers unparalleled peace of mind.

Expertly balancing high expectations with innovative elegance, we transform each design into a lasting masterpiece, worthy of royal admiration.

Our creations are a testament to enduring luxury—niche products designed for the true connoisseur. These are individuals who transcend fleeting fashion trends to appreciate what's eternally valuable—a rarity that's elusive yet within reach.' - By Porscia Yeganeh

Meeting a Royal Lady’s Demand 

In an effort to meet every Royal Lady’s demand for true luxury, Porscia Yeganeh is inspiring a resurgence and redefining its meaning to indicate elevated status. 

Reveal the Definition: Read 'The Unconventional Elegance of a Trendsetting Lady

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