Forever Luxury expands upon the standard definition of luxury. 
PORSCIA YEGANEH® leather goods are not just finely made but are designed to last and remain relevant, with the expectation of increasing in value over time like vintage couture. Forever Luxury creations also have heart—from the personal relationships with employees (no large factories or low-wage assembly lines) to the origin of materials (knowing more about the leathers used and saying no to fur). The company has a small, caring team who understands the brand’s mission to produce the best goods using premier techniques.

While the word “luxury” might conjure thoughts of wealth and privilege, the concept of developing luxury fashions goes much deeper. Beneath the beauty of a style’s outward appearance, the piece offers insight into a more personal side of the design—creating a lens into the talent and dedication of the master artisans involved.

A Timeless look, expertly crafted to meet higher quality standards.
Elevating the experience of Forever luxury means creating delicate pieces of art: unique items endowed with texture, brilliance, and rare elegance. 

#PORSCIAForeverLuxury is a statement of distinction for eternally luxurious creations – niche products for real connoisseurs that are able to go beyond fashion trends and recognize timeless quality - Not only an investment for your wardrobe, but a commitment to quality, authenticity, patriotism and sustainability.

Crafted only from the best of materials and using artisanal techniques, the Royalty collections are not only an investment for your wardrobe, but they are a fashion statement that is born to last. Each piece is meant to acquire value over time because it’s designed with a unique vision that embraces past and future luxury with a commitment to quality, authenticity, patriotism and sustainability.

All MADE IN ITALY                                                                                  
Exquisite design and excellence in craftsmanship characterize every PORSCIA YEGANEH® creation, as well as the value of the All MADE IN ITALY process, which is brought to life through the exceptional care of a small, dedicated team that understands the importance of employing avant-garde technical skills together with sustainably sourced materials.

PORSCIA YEGANEH®’s conception of Forever Luxury means creating quality everlasting  pieces. To learn more, visit


#PORSCIAForeverLuxury expands upon the standard definition of luxury.