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bannerA lady who is aware of trends but aims to establish her own personal style. 


IRAN - Born in Iran in the 1980s, Porscia Yeganeh is a self-taught fashion designer specializing in women’s luxury ready-to-wear, leather goods and accessories.  

Her future has been bright since the beginning. The designer’s last name “Yeganeh” is a Farsi word meaning “niche,” “unique,” “one of a kind” or “the only one”—the perfect descriptor of her brand’s identity.  

A multilingual child, Porscia Yeganeh was influenced by diverse cultural influences from a young age. Inspired by her mother who sewed princess dresses when her daughter was growing up, Porscia always had a penchant for fashion and the instinct to let her imagination roam. 


TURKEY - Leaving Iran and moving to Turkey empowered her to find an original voice and break the barriers of her birth country’s restrictive rules. 


GREECE - At only seven years old, living in Greece, Porscia created her first handmade outfit. Her early looks came from experimenting with fabrics found around the house reassembled with sewing techniques picked up from her mother. Memorable styles include Barbie dresses and children’s clothing made from pillow cases and other everyday objects. 


CANADA - After moving to Canada and settling there for seventeen years, Porscia Yeganeh started to establish herself as a designer…somewhat unintentionally. Her first stroke of luck was a sponsorship by Vancouver Fashion Week for a show that received international media attention. She went from a high school student walking down the halls in her own enviable fashions to displaying them down the runway. In 2002, PORSCIA YEGANEH® and the Forever Logo were born. Shortly after, she received her first buying request from major North American retailers. Still, she wasn’t fully convinced that fashion design was the right career path until doors opened in Italy.


THE MOVE TO ITALY - By late 2008, Porscia Yeganeh met her fiancé, a businessman from a successful Italian industrial family. This wonderful encounter eventually brought Porscia Yeganeh back to Europe, this time to Italy—the country recognized as the world’s epicenter of fashion and the home to many renowned designers. By then, it was clear fashion was her calling and she would never look back. She decided to launch her brand in the ultimate Forever Luxury sector and to differentiate herself from mainstream mass production in several ways—from producing the recognizable Royalty Collection based on the broken walls of the Colosseum to the All MADE IN ITALY label to the invention of featherweight 3-D hardware for leather-goods. Porscia has left an indelible imprint on the fashion industry. Today, all PORSCIA YEGANEH® products are designed, sourced and manufactured directly in Italy.  


MY LIFE JOURNEY - "I am the lands I’ve called home. My artistic qualities developed from my childhood in Iran. My time in Turkey showed me what it means to be boundless. Life in Greece taught me heritage and history. Canada greeted me with the beauty of diversity and differences. And Italy ignited my passion for quality design."

— Porscia Yeganeh

bannerA lady who is aware of trends but aims to establish her own personal style.