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bannerA lady who is aware of trends but aims to establish her own personal style. 


Artistic Beginnings

Every stitch tells a story, and mine unfolds amidst the vibrant landscapes of Iran.


Beginnings Reimagined

My mother’s touch transformed every fabric into a promise of beauty, teaching a shy young girl that elegance is not just worn, but lived. Each ensemble she crafted for me was not merely clothes but a canvas where my future was reimagined. Her meticulous care in matching my shoes to my dress, and my hair to the hues of my attire, instilled in me the essence of being a lady—one who carries herself with grace and poise. Today, PORSCIA YEGANEH® reflects that past—a brand where every detail echoes the harmony and precision taught by the first woman who showed me what it means to truly be a lady.



In Greece, I transformed simple pillowcases into garments and adorned dolls with contrasting colors—a declaration of my craft. These initial creations marked the birth of a new vision in fashion, laying the foundation for PORSCIA YEGANEH®.


Global Acclaim

In Vancouver, Canada, my fashion journey reached a pivotal milestone. The city became the birthplace of PORSCIA YEGANEH® and the iconic Forever Logo in 2002. Conceived amidst Vancouver's vibrant culture, this emblem symbolized a new era of timeless elegance, propelling my unique vision for luxury fashion onto the international stage.


Luxury Reimagined

The move to Italy, the undeniable fashion capital of the world, was destiny's orchestration. Dreams, innovations, and unprecedented ideas found fertile ground to flourish. Here, amidst opulence, I reimagined luxury, crafting refined opulence for the discerning Lady to cherish—a rare gem.

My World

"I am the lands I’ve called home, each one shaping the designer I have become. My artistic qualities developed from my childhood in Iran. My time in Turkey showed me what it means to be boundless. Life in Greece taught me heritage and history. Canada greeted me with the beauty of diversity and differences. And Italy ignited my passion for quality design."

— Porscia Yeganeh


bannerA lady who is aware of trends but aims to establish her own personal style.