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Article: MIAMI - Luxury gift guide by designer Porscia Yeganeh

MIAMI - Luxury gift guide by designer Porscia Yeganeh

MIAMI - Luxury gift guide by designer Porscia Yeganeh

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Porscia Yeganeh is a true citizen of the world. Born in Iran she has lived already on several continents and called countries like Turkey, Greece and Canada her home. She has been named a true disruptor in the luxury designer world. While most well-known luxury brands have moved substantial parts of the Italian designs to developing countries, Porscia proves herself with sustainable, forever luxury ALL MADE in Italy. Her designs are unique as they resemble parts of iconic places and buildings. The gorgeous and talented designer explains her life journey this way: :”I am the lands I’ve called home. My artistic qualities developed from my childhood in Iran. My time in Turkey showed me what it means to be boundless. Life in Greece taught me heritage and history. Canada greeted me with the beauty of diversity and differences. And Italy inspired my passion for quality design. “
Porscia’s clientele includes not just royals and celebrities but also Miami’s high society that is tired of the usual luxury labels and looking for something high-end but unique or as Porscia puts it, “A lady who is aware of trends but aims to establish her own personal style”. And as for Miami as a city? “ Miami has become my place where work meets play effortlessly. “ For us the frequent flying creative exclusively put together a list of her 5 top luxury gifts for this Christmas. For her, for him or just for yourself! Enjoy!
Of course I have to throw in one of my PORSCIA YEGANEH® MUST HAVE essential pieces, the CLAUDIA mobile/wallet crossbody,  this multifunctional , small leather-good is the quintessential item to bring with you whether you’re sightseeing, on a night out, or on the move. Read full article 

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