The Word Luxury has been Abused by time Donatella Versace

 In this thought-provoking video, Donatella Versace , the iconic designer, discusses how the concept of luxury has transformed over time. #noteverythingisluxur

🔹 Donatella's comments ring so true and deeply resonate with my own beliefs about luxury, leading me to rename it as "Forever Luxury." For over two decades, I've dedicated my blog to exploring the essence of true luxury - the ultra-high niche experience that goes beyond the traditional definition.

🔹 The outdated notion of luxury being an expensive, hard-to-obtain item no longer suffices. It has been overshadowed by an abundance of identical products that people flaunt on social media to gain admiration. The unique allure of luxury has been lost.

🔹 Enter "Forever Luxury," a concept that seeks to redefine the meaning of opulence. It focuses on catering to discerning luxury consumers, surpassing their expectations with innovative and exclusive designs.

🔹 The problem with traditional luxury lies in its overexposure. As more luxury brands expand globally and influencers flood social media with their favorite high-end items, the aura of exclusivity diminishes. This mass production contradicts the very essence of luxury.

🔹 It's crucial for luxury brands to rediscover their roots, emphasizing rarity and unattainability, in order to maintain their allure. Only by doing so can they preserve the true essence of luxury.


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