Architectural construction of the Ancient Roman Colosseum meets Today’s Modern Wear.

An instinctive guiding force has developed a brilliant, creative force of fashion imagination; equal parts precious and precocious, PORSCIA® YEGANEH® proudly inspires global attention, acclaim and clamor from all corners of the fashion world, presenting designs inspired and constructed with regal Roman architectural genius.
Influenced by Italy’s history of artisanship and fashion; she built great inspiration by the architectural construction of the Roman Colosseum; exemplifying the exterior broken walls which formulated the recognizable symbol found on her garments to leather goods.
PORSCIA® YEGANEH® artfully transforms the opulent splendor of Italian design into instantly recognizable landmarks in the landscape of luxurious fashion, by taking directs cues from the shape and scope of the broken walls from the Roman Colosseum.