A Hands-On Journey: Crafting Tomorrows Heirlooms Today.


A Journey into Craftsmanship

As the Founder and Creative Director of PORSCIA YEGANEH®, I've dedicated over two decades to intimate collaborations with our skilled Italian craftsmen. This is far more than mere curiosity; it's a relentless quest to understand the essence of each stitch, each thread that contributes to our masterpieces. Quality is no accident; it's a cultural heritage and a set of skills meticulously honed over generations. In my walks through the ateliers and rich dialogues with artisans, I am not merely surveying work. I am actively participating in a form of art as ancient as civilization and as forward-looking as tomorrow's fashion. It's a seamless collaboration between the dreamer and the doer, all to define our brand's unique essence of Forever Luxury.

Crafting Forever Luxury

Forever Luxury isn't merely a tagline; it's the manifestation of dedication, precision, and, above all, a relentless pursuit of excellence. It's this pursuit that led me to redefine the standard 'MADE IN ITALY' label to 'All MADE IN ITALY,' ensuring that from design to sourcing, every element is authentically Italian. I've sought to extend this philosophy into every aspect of my work, which is why my brand's luxury pieces serve as a tribute to the artisanal heritage and exceptional craftsmanship of Italy.

PORSCIA YEGANEH in the factory 

The Importance of Transparency
Trust is the foundation of any fruitful relationship, and it's no different in the world of luxury fashion. I make it a point to be transparent with all my stakeholders: craftsmen, suppliers, and, most importantly, you—the discerning customer. This transparency translates into products that are not just visually stunning but are crafted with ethical and sustainable practices. 
Each Forever Logo handcarved indivifually to bring out the glimpse and shine
The Art of Sourcing

In my journey, I have personally met each of my suppliers to delve into the heart of their skills. When I ask about the thread they use or the metal they prefer, I'm not just gathering information; I'm understanding their choices, absorbing their wisdom, and considering how to best incorporate these elements into my designs. It's this level of detail that sets PORSCIA YEGANEH® apart in a crowded luxury landscape.

Porscia Yeganeh and her craftsment inside the production factroy

A Legacy Reimagined

In a fashion landscape filled with fleeting trends, we offer the discerning connoisseur something unparalleled—timeless pieces birthed from an unbeatable marriage of innovation and age-old Italian craftsmanship. This isn't merely Forever Luxury; it's a ground-breaking chapter in fashion history where transparency and intrinsic value unite to form heirlooms of tomorrow. These masterpieces are designed specifically for the fashion connoisseurs who are not swayed by marketed brand names but appreciate craftsmanship at its finest. We invite you to join us in this new era where each purchase isn't just an investment in style, but a legacy for generations to come. #carrythepastbuildthefuture