Meet Porscia®Yeganeh®

In the Farsi or Iranian/Persian language, Yeganeh®

is  an adjective word defined as niche, Unique, a one-and-only. An instinctive guiding force has developed a brilliant, creative force of fashion imagination; equal parts precious and precocious, Porscia® Yeganeh® proudly inspires global attention, acclaim and clamor from all corners of the fashion world, presenting designs inspired and constructed with regal Roman architectural genius.

PORSCIA® YEGANEH® artfully transforms the opulent splendor of Italian design into immediately recognizable model by characterizing the broken walls of Rome’s most iconic monument, the Roman Colosseum, on her Roman royalty collection in which is the trademark behind the brand.


My Timeline


A well traveled, multicultural, multilingual child of Iranian origin, Yeganeh® had the fortune of a broad range of inspirations; living in the Middle East, to Turkey, to Greece, to Canada and finally establishing herself in one of the fashion capitals of the world, Italy. From this diverse lifestyle, the collection represents contemporary boldness inspired by global art and culture, adding a niche identity to PORSCIA® YEGANEH®- Made in Italy.
As a young as seven years old, Yeganeh® instinctively sensed a need to rebel against mainstream apparel market to creating her own distinctive niche fashion while living in Greece. Watching her highly skilled mother, Yeganeh taught herself how to use a sewing machine and stitch by hand. This experience advanced into a distinctive way of stitching her garments inside-out with colorful threads in a method called “topstitching”


In 2002, the first collection was debuted in Vancouver, Canada, at a small venue, displaying a range of garments she had made for herself during her teen years, including her high-school graduation dress. From here on, Yeganeh® garnered numerous honors from fashion experts, retailers and magazines around the world; from North America, to Italy, Dubai, Iran, and China and begun to be noticed at the Red Carpet Film Festivals, The LEO Film Awards, Miss World Canada and much more events.

“Discover the niche world of highest expression in Italian craftsmanship“  Porscia® Yeganeh®



It was at this time that Yeganeh® decided to formally enter into the luxury fashion market by moving her operations to the fashion mecca of Italy in order to correctly position her Forever Luxury line.
By early 2009, an unauthorized book containing Porscia® Yeganeh® biography was published and sold by Amazon . In 2014, Yeganeh® had already strategically started her branding in Dubai by dressed the hostesses at the Arab Luxury World Conference and at the internationally renowned Effie Awards MENA with her Roman Colosseum dresses.
The design inspiration possesses a distinctive character; FEMININE vs FEMINISM- crafted for an independent woman who knows fashion and trends but reinterprets them in her own personal way away from the copied mainstream