Creating a New Audience For Forever Luxury

For decades, luxury fashion was considered a pleasure only a select, fortunate few could experience. Many luxury brands were exclusive, exorbitant, and exquisite, boasting splendid appearances and pristine quality that most people could only afford to admire from afar, on magazine pages and through television screens.
However, such is no longer the case. As the same luxury fashion houses have become more mainstream, maintaining the same level of rarity is a difficult feat. And while every brand undeniably wishes to grow, luxury brands must be careful to avoid overexposure. The key to achieving the perfect balance? Retaining the right audience.


The Importance of Luxury Audiences                           As a result of the changing luxury landscape, the audience has also shifted, broadening to include a vast number of consumers. Unfortunately, this did not exclude people with little to no appreciation for luxury, which inevitably tainted its image. After all, nothing seems special when it’s accessible to everyone. Counterfeit items certainly did not help matters, as this phenomenon made it even easier for many people to obtain the appearance of luxury at low prices.

That’s where creating a new audience for luxury is most beneficial. Recognizing this, PORSCIA YEGANEH® has introduced a new echelon of luxury known as Forever Luxury - a heightened definition of luxury that promises regal, niche, elegant pieces. Every item in our collection is #AllMADEINITALY to meet the highest quality standards and adhere to Italy’s rigid production regulations. No corners are skipped, and no expense is spared to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs.
ANNIA tote with 3d featherweight hardware in rose gold
Forever Luxury Audiences
Unlike traditional luxury, Forever Luxury caters to true luxury connoisseurs. Such consumers not only have the capacity but strive to surpass trends and recognize timeless quality. In this way, Forever Luxury honors the original meaning of luxury by targeting a small, specific audience that retains exclusivity.
Forever Luxury fashion carries a prestige like no other, and those who carry them do so responsibly. What does this mean? Luxury is more than appearance; it’s a state of mind. True luxury shoppers aim to maintain an overall esteemed appearance, taking vigilant care of their luxury pieces and, thereby, protecting their distinguished reputation.
Additionally, a lack of a grand consumer experience has quickly diminished luxury’s name. Pieces can be easily plucked off shelves or added to online carts without a second thought. Forever Luxury challenges this by giving our customers an elevated experience from start to finish, with an easily navigable website, an attentive team, and a beautiful, extensive catalog of items.
Forever Luxury reversible belt in 3d featherweight hardware
The Effect of Forever Luxury on Consumers
PORSCIA YEGANEH® Forever Luxury pieces are designed with boss ladies in mind, allowing them to reinterpret luxury fashion in an unprecedented way every day. Those who use style as a means of self-expression will find immense value in Forever Luxury due to its ability to create opportunities for the wearer to be different and adopt a royal character.
This effect is made possible as Forever Luxury pieces blur the line between art and fashion. Whether on your arm as you stroll down the streets or sitting on the countertop, they look remarkable in any setting, effortlessly enhancing anyone or the surface it adorns.
Consumers can meet their wish for opulent luxury that sets them apart from the masses - and so does PORSCIA YEGANEH®, making us every boss lady’s top source for superior quality, craftsmanship, and designs.

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